Printmaking was my first love and the medium I return to most often.

I print all of my works by hand, using either a baren for Japanese woodcut or a Charles Brand etching press for oil based relief printing. This facilitates complete creative control over my work, to adjust and modify the print throughout each step of the process.

The process I like using most often is called a multi-colour reduction relief print, using either linoleum or plywood as the plate. This technique involves carving into the same block between each print, which ultimately destroys the plate and means that there can be no reprints. The edition numbers you see in the online store, for example, “Limited edition of 4”, is the exact number of prints made and no more can be reproduced.

A print can take anything from a few hours to weeks or months to complete. A print with multiple colors is more complex and takes longer to finish than a monochrome print. This is why you may find on my site similarly sized prints for sale at different prices - prices depend on the number of colors, the size of the print and the complexity of the carving. Each of these elements adds to the time the print takes to complete. Typically, my prints involve 3 - 6 colours, and will be created over the course of a month.

  • Prints of the same block, showing how colours are printed in layers.

A printmaker, like many artists, needs the support of a community to create work. I have been an active member of Birmingham Society of Printmakers (UK), East London Printmakers (UK) and most recently, Shoestring Press (Brooklyn, NY). Sharing the space, presses, and materials creates an inherently collaborative process. I have been inspired by, and shared techniques with, many of my fellow printers along the way.

  • Shoestring press, Brooklyn, NY, USA.